miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2011

COLIN HAY (Men At Work) live at the corner


1. Going Somewhere
2. I Just Don't Think I'll Ever
3. Get Over You
4. Here In My Home Town
5. Lose To Win
6. No One Knows
7. Lifeline
8. Beautiful World
9. What Would Bob Do?
10. Pure Love
11. Down By The Sea
12. Lonely Without You
13. Looking For Jack
14. Who Can It Be Now?
15. This Time I Got You
16. Catch A Star
17. Overkill
18. It's A Mistake
19. Are You Lookin' At Me? Down Under
20. Waiting for My Real Life to Begin
21. Be Good Johnny

Bonus Features:

Melbourne Song (duet with Carol Hay)
There's Water Over You (acoustic)
Prison Time (acoustic)
Oh, California (acoustic)

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